Monday, April 14, 2014

I Need Something Sweet

Some of you already know what I mean. You don't need an explanation, because the title of this post sums it up pretty well. What I mean is, if you're like I am, you simply have to follow your meals with something sweet. Dinner is not over when you're finished with dinner. No, no...dinner is over when you've followed your savory meal with ice cream, or a cupcake (or four), or cereal (is that just me?), or whatever. This was always the case when I was growing up. We didn't always have actual "dessert", per se, but more often than not we ended our evenings with something sweet.

This is a deeply engrained cycle for me, which I haven't broken. And I will still have ice cream, cereal, granola, cookies after dinner on those days when I'm apathetic about what I'm eating and actually have it in the house. What I try to do more often, though, is find alternatives:

1. Noosa
You might remember me mentioning this before, but it's continued as a pretty common staple in my house. Lemon is my current flavor obsession. Yes, it has sugars and fruit compote-type stuff, but they're whole ingredients and are a much better choice than most "sweets". In CO you can get it pretty much anywhere, as it's made here, but I think Whole Foods carries it nationwide.

2. Tea
You're probably rolling your eyes, thinking Thanks for the help, Kirsten, but when I'm craving a cupcake, TEA won't cut it. Sorry. Okay--I hear you. But just try it. This isn't about getting what you want (at least for me it isn't); it's about curbing cravings with something that'll suffice. Tea often works for me--not always, but usually when I'm finished with my cup I don't feel such a strong desire to destroy a pint of ice cream anymore.

3. Dark chocolate
Yep! It's a rarer fallback for me, but every once in a while I'll have dark chocolate in the house, and if I have one piece after lunch or dinner it'll satisfy my sweet tooth.

4. Fruit
This is my most frequent go-to. Confession: I was in the turning lane for the grocery store on my way home last night with the intention of buying Nutella. It had gotten to the point where I felt like I just needed some Nutella in my life (don't lie--you've been there). But then I thought about how much fruit I have at home and I got out of the turning lane and continued driving. That's how much I love fruit. It's almost good enough to be considered a dessert. Almost. I can talk myself out of most sweets if I have fruit on hand. I'll mix it up, too--sometimes I'll put apple slices in a mini crock pot with cinnamon and cook them for a while, or I'll have a fruit cocktail of pineapple, berries, apples, etc., or I dip some apples in Noosa or almond butter. Experiment with it!

5. Protein shake
THIS is the protein powder I use, and you can watch my vlog on it HERE, if you don't mind a little idiocy. I use protein powder in a plethora of ways--most commonly after workouts--but sometimes for breakfast, or in chia seed pudding, or as a meal replacement. I see it as an indulgence and a reward, as I really love it. I used to get the vanilla flavor, which was good, but chocolate is SO much better.

So there it is! The best thing I can do is to keep the bad sweets out of my house, and one or more of these things in stock. When I do, I am satisfied and happier with my choices, and that's a much better feeling than indulging in my cravings anyway.

Friday, April 11, 2014

And here we go again...

It's a gorgeous day here, which for me has consisted of lunch with Dad, scouting out my new 'hood with Jack, and drinking Simply Orange with Mango out of the bottle while sitting on the patio, working on my summer running/14er schedule.

Because--oh, yeah--I'm running Tough Mudder this year. Again. I'm joining a team of some snowboarder friends who stayed in Breck with us a few months ago. The event is on Sept. 6th in Aspen this time, which gives me the rest of spring and all summer to train. It's so much better than last year, when I started training in January for the June event, running icy trails while wearing multiple layers and microspikes. Ew.

But regardless, I'm getting back into the TM mindset, so for your sake, I suggest you avoid me whenever possible. Like right now, if someone dropped by my new (and awesome, by the way) place and was like, "Hey, what are you up to?" First of all, I'd be like "If you're a good enough friend to just drop by, you should know I hate it when people drop by," but then I'd probably launch into why distance running was worthless for me last year and worked the totally wrong muscle groups, and I need to use my Boulder Running Company 15% discount on new trail runners before it expires, and my friend wants to plan some trail runs with me, and I hate running with people, but he knows some good spots near Boulder, and I seriously need to revamp my upper body workouts because I don't want any help with any of the Berlin Walls this year aaand...I'd look up and my visitor will have left so fast, only their skin will remain, suspended in the air like one of the Looney Tunes.

Was it their skin, or their fur left behind? Or eyeballs?

It doesn't matter--what does matter is that it's gonna be a productive summer. I'm ready to bid boarding season adieu (okay--maybe one or two more trips) and get down to business. As Joey says in one episode of Friends, "I can already feel myself changing!"

If you know the episode off the top of your head, we can be BFFs.

Such a good day :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sursday Songs (or Thursday Thongs)

Today's playlist will put a Spring in your step, if you will. Heh heh.

I tweeted this one today:

I'm working on getting over the nasal/middle-school-reminiscent tone in this one, but I love the bridge at 1:44 and can't help it:

This still isn't on Spotify! I've been waiting...wahhh.

Happy Spring!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Music Monday

I just got back from AZ and these are a few of the songs I had added to my playlists for the trip...

"Riptide" by Vance Joy

This remix is pretty great, too.

"My Tears Are Becoming a Sea" by M83

Yeah, it's way old, but nice to revisit.

"Take Me to Church" by Hozier

"Perfect World" by Broken Bells

"Wings" by Haerts

So fantastically 80s!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I'm in the most boring class of all time, and thought I'd waste a few of these brutal 90 minutes by sharing one of my Spotify playlists. If you have Spotify, follow me because my playlists are pure gold. Nick and I share an account, so it's in his name, Nick Bitzer. My playlists start with "Kirsten" and I update them regularly.

Just to give you a taste, this is my "Kirsten--Feel Good" playlist: